Who Came Up With All of This Sex Talk?

[This follows up on the last two posts – “Fire and Duct Tape and Sex” and “The Collateral Damage of Sex”]

Until this week, I had never used the tag “sex” for a post in the several years that I have been (sporadically) blogging.

Why now?

Why do I feel compelled to dig into such a touchy, controversial subject right now?

Why talk about this issue when the things I have to say are less popular than they have ever been? Continue reading Who Came Up With All of This Sex Talk?

The Collateral Damage of Sex

Yesterday I wrote about fire and duct tape and sex.

They are all great things in the right context, but can cause problems in the right context.

We were looking at 1 Thessalonians 4 and Paul’s instruction to “abstain sexual immorality.” As I explained yesterday, sex is something God designed to strengthen and reinforce the connection between a husband and wife and it is a beautiful, wonderful thing in that unique context. But it’s a very dangerous thing when taken out of that context.

What we don’t usually stop to think about is that sex, when taken outside of the context of a committed marriage, can cause a great deal of collateral damage.

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