Quiet Please

You don’t have to agree with me. That’s not a condition of our friendship.

I find myself at a curious place in my life where I have more friends of different perspectives than ever before. There are a number of reasons for that, I suppose.

The older I get and the more I grow in my understanding of biblical truths, the more firmly I hold what I believe to be true. However, I also find fewer things in that category of absolutes than I ever have. I have a much broader range of things than ever before about which I have to say “I think…but I don’t KNOW.”

Regardless of the issues, I find that people on all sides of the political or social or philosophical or theological conversations in our world seem to be awfully quick to shout their convictions and woefully slow to listen to those unlike theirs. I’ve spent some time thinking about what the real problem is with them – with me – with US.

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The Stuff We Don’t Talk About

As our culture reels from the shock of the news of the apparent suicide of yet another famous and successful celebrity, it seems fitting to ask some questions.

Like most of us, I have been tremendously entertained by Robin Williams and his unparalleled gift for humor. I was equally enamored with several of his less humorous performances in movies such as “Dead Poets Society.” He was brilliant. But his death begs many questions for which there are simply no answers.

The truth is that it’s too late to ask most of those questions – at least to ask them of him. But there are people all around us every day that struggle with the same emotional illness that led to such a tragedy.

It always seems that, when someone famous and rich and successful makes such a decision, we are outraged and grieved and heart-broken – and rightly so. But what can we do?

We can start talking about the stuff we don’t talk about.
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The Servants of the Secret Fire

Remember the song we sang so often as kids, “This Little Light of Mine?”

Yeah, it was funny and simple and memorable. We sang it and did the motions and all of that stuff. But I think we miss the simple power of it.

You see, like many of you, I have been through a few of those valleys where the fire of faith in me had faded and, like a coal pulled out of the fireplace, had begun to cool and gray – losing the glow, ebbing in heat. If you’ve been there, then you know that feeling of somehow knowing, but questioning at the same time.
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