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an old barn wall with rusty tools hanging on it

Confessions of a Broken Tool

  • Quiet Enough to Hear the Rocks

    Quiet Enough to Hear the Rocks

    As I sat in the crisp morning air surrounded by those stunningly beautiful rock formations, I think I finally began to learn what it meant to be quiet enough to hear the rocks. And I assure you, it’s worth hearing. (…)

  • Holding It All Together

    Holding It All Together

    If even death is subject to Him, is there any force at play in this world that He does not have the power to override? Remember who we’re praying to, my friends. (…)

  • Fireside Confessions

    Fireside Confessions

    There, in the chubby little chiminea on my porch, I have offered my hurts, my frustrations, my deepest confessions, my nagging self-lies, my deep-seated fears… like a pet lamb on the altar of sacrifice. Here I have learned, probably more than ever before, to be genuine and honest with my Father and with myself. (…)

  • The Best Sermon I Ever Preached

    The Best Sermon I Ever Preached

    There’s nothing that anchors a sermon in the memory like a powerful visual. The most memorable messages I’ve ever come up with have had some kind of visible example. It’s not the object itself that matters so much. It simply ties the significance of the message to a familiar item. It’s not a new idea. […] (…)

  • The Good Parts

    The Good Parts

    Is it possible that the good parts are really the difficult places in life that shape our stories and give depth and gravity to the peaceful moments? (…)

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