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Confessions of a Broken Tool

  • The Scars Remind Me

    The Scars Remind Me

    I wonder what it might change in us if we began to see our scars (especially the heart scars) as reminders of the great privilege of loving like Jesus and for Jesus’ sake. I wonder if I might respond to those sore moments in worship and gratitude for the sacrifice He made to make a… (…)

  • Between the Extremes

    Between the Extremes

    But most of life is lived in between the extremes. If there is a secret to a joy-filled marriage, I think it might be in learning to recognize that there are so many things to be grateful for no matter what the circumstances around us that seem to be pressing in upon us. (…)

  • “Great Are You” – A Musical Devotional

    The song I want to urge you to listen to today is one of those moments of wonder and reflection on the greatness of God and the sensible response in questioning who we are in the light of God’s holiness. (…)

  • Why the Red Shoes?

    Why the Red Shoes?

    I wear my red shoes to remember. I hope you will remember too. (…)

  • “From Protest To Praise” – A Musical Devotional

    This song I’m commending to you today is one that ministered to me in a season when it felt like God went silent on me. It helped me to recognize that God is interested in all of my heart and not just the pleasant and polite parts. (…)

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