Communication Emphasis

Part I

Definition for Communication Competency

The student is able to persuade others with respect to biblical and theological truth through oral, written, and electronic media.

Communication Goal #1

Communication Goal #2

Communication Goal #3

Part II

Overall Reflection Statement for Communication

To document competence in the communication emphasis, I am submitting one of my favorite projects of my ministry life. It is a series that was, in essence, a devotional walk through the book of John comprised of sermons, blog posts, and devotional clips. I am also including a few blog posts that I feel demonstrate my ability in written communication. To round it off, some video messages are in order. All of these things are evidence to the fact that the communication emphasis is an area of some skill, but needing more consistency. While I grow weary of ringing the same tired bell, the facts remain. I believe that I communicate very well much of the time, but I seldom am at my best for significant stretches of time for the simple lack of consistency.”

Artifacts With Descriptions

One of my favorite preaching/teaching projects of my life was the series, “God in the Mess: An Exploration of the Gospel of John.” It is catalogued in textual order on one page on my blog.

The Grace of Withholding

On Borrowed Faith

Learning Reflection

Through the internship process of the past year, I have found some valuable lessons. I believe that the rhythms I aspired to at the outset of the process were pretty optimistic (at least while finishing my degree). But there is a healthy rhythm that I believe is maintainable with a weekly sermon, a blog post, and a video devotional. I believe that, with a good rhythm for a while, there is potential to increase the blogging and video posts to a couple per week of each. I do believe that there that would be about the maximum possible without neglecting pastoral care.

Lifelong Development Statement

The key word for my internship goals has been consistency. It has been one of the greatest challenges of my life. I think the long-term plan is to establish an annual and quarterly conversation with my now-developing leadership team to discuss preaching/communicating needs and priorities. The work of communication comes a lot easier when the direction is clear.

I think a key in finding greater consistency is the accountability of the week-to-week practices that help me to be my best in this area. I believe this will be a necessary element in further growth in this area.

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